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 This quarter I expect to learn so many new things. I expect to learn: how to use colors to affect someone's mood, how to catch someone's eye in a 15 second frame, how to turn a small space into something fantastic, how to sketch a layout of a store, and much more. School just started a week ago and already I feel like I'm stepping into a whole new world. Another expectation I have for this quarter is too be tired! It's not necessarily a bad tired, just tired from all the work I’ll be putting in, but it’s good to put hard work into something you're really passionate about. So as long as I'm tired because I did my best, it's okay. I also expect to have a lot of fun doing the projects in my different classes. Even though it is school, I think FIDM is much more fun than a regular four year university, because we're focused on what we love and when your work is what you love, you have way more fun. In a couple of my classes I can look forward to great projects that will not only teach us a lot about visual communications, but it'll also teach us a lot about ourselves and what we want to do. I do not expect to realize what I want to do with my life in just one year, but if I could it would be great. I do think these classes will allow me to explore options that can help me choose my career. Another expectation I have for this quarter is to get back the same amount of dedication and passion that I have about my education from the teachers and staff, who are already showing that they care.



Oct. 21st, 2008 02:12 am (UTC)
Got it!



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