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 The website I frequently visit is myspace. I say it this way because I'm not necessarily sure if it's my

favorite website, but I know that it is the one I am on the most. I usually check it to see if I have

messages or comments from friends. I also like myspace because you can use it to find people that you

haven't seen in a while. Another site I visit frequently is youtube. Youtube is great because you can find

a lot of random funny videos on it. You can also post videos on youtube which is cool. There's a video of

me on youtube arguing with a 5 year old.


 My midterm week didn't really feel like an official "midterm week" because I only had two midterms

that kind of just happened. Of course we talked about them in class, but I feel like they weren't as

stressed and talked about as much as they were in high school. I feel like the work that we did in class

helped me a lot with the tests that I had. I also think that the homework we were assigned, especially in

math helped me out a bunch during the math midterm.The stress I had that week didn't come from the

tests, but that stress did make me miss my english midterm. I got too make up my english midterm

and I feel like it went great, but I will have to wait and see the grade. No matter the finals I will have in

the future, I will continue to do my work and try the best I can to grasp and understand everything that I

am being taught.
 Classes are one of the differences between college and high school. In high school you have every class

every day, but in college you may have a class only once a week. Another difference between college class

and high school class is that in high school you always get classwork to complete, whereas in college you

might just get a lecture. Another difference between college and high school is that high school is mandatory

and college is voluntary. If you don't go to high school, you and your parents could get in trouble by the state,

but if you choose not go to college it's your choice and no one will get in trouble. Also if you're enrolled in

college and you never show up to class you're not hurting anyone, but your self. One of the only things that

stays constant in college from high school are the teachers. I think the teachers stay constant, because their

rules depend on their personality and their teaching methods. Some teachers can be harder than others when

it comes to certain things, such as late homework and tardiness. Certain teachers will also allow things that

others won't, it just depends on them. 

journal 3

 I want to wake up on November 5th and know that for the first time ever in the history of the United States of

America that I have a black president. I want to wake up and know that for the first time in a long time I have

someone who really wants to make a change and help our country. I want to know that I have someone in

office who cares about the people. Someone who has our best interests in heart and not just trying to settle

old family fueds with war. I want to wake up and know that America did the right thing for America and not

the wrong thing based on race. No matter the outcome of this election our world will never be the same over


Barack Obama has given people hope where there once was none. To have the courage and the strength to

run for president in a world that has not all accepted black people. If voted president he can and will change

America forever, for the better. I believe he will help to unite us fully as a people and if our country is uniting,

who's to say that someday the world can't unite.

 I'm overwhelmed, proud, and scared all at the same time. I've imagined different scenario's about this day in

my head and if they outcome I'm looking for is not the one I get, i'll be devastated. Even if Obama doesn't

win, lets' just hope he does, he'll still change the world because he had the courage and ability to get where

no African American has ever been able to get.

journal 2

 When I was younger my favorite things about Halloween were the candy, the dressing up, and

that I got to stay out late. Now that I’m older and more mature I can gladly say nothing has

changed. I’ve always the creepy and mysterious things in life and Halloween is not only a

holiday dedicated to those, but it’s also a holiday dedicated to fun. Every October there’s

always that excitement of preparing for that one night; whether it be getting decorations ready
or choosing a costume for this year. Even if you don’t trick or treat anymore you can always

look forward to having candy and treats on Halloween, it’s just tradition. I’ve always loved

dressing up and Halloween gives you an excuse to do just that. Another great thing about

Halloween is staying out late and partying all night. Of course you could party on any given

day, but the fact that it’s Halloween makes it so much more exciting.


 This quarter I expect to learn so many new things. I expect to learn: how to use colors to affect someone's mood, how to catch someone's eye in a 15 second frame, how to turn a small space into something fantastic, how to sketch a layout of a store, and much more. School just started a week ago and already I feel like I'm stepping into a whole new world. Another expectation I have for this quarter is too be tired! It's not necessarily a bad tired, just tired from all the work I’ll be putting in, but it’s good to put hard work into something you're really passionate about. So as long as I'm tired because I did my best, it's okay. I also expect to have a lot of fun doing the projects in my different classes. Even though it is school, I think FIDM is much more fun than a regular four year university, because we're focused on what we love and when your work is what you love, you have way more fun. In a couple of my classes I can look forward to great projects that will not only teach us a lot about visual communications, but it'll also teach us a lot about ourselves and what we want to do. I do not expect to realize what I want to do with my life in just one year, but if I could it would be great. I do think these classes will allow me to explore options that can help me choose my career. Another expectation I have for this quarter is to get back the same amount of dedication and passion that I have about my education from the teachers and staff, who are already showing that they care.




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